Death is Forever

from by Cadavalanche

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Malevolence, the wilting twilight cascade,
A fading sun, magma-laden neutron pulse
Reckoning, the dying starlight nebulous
Archaic giants long-since dead and yet beheld

A sunburst sky, frayed and tattered in its death throes
Planet coils, the cries of stellar flares implode
Magellanic has drowned, lapsing squalls and sundered thrones
The Blueshift aggregates while star-flung novas clash

Even the stars will burn out
All that once thrived will soon die

Heliospheric, chondrite violence
Quantum fields invert, no more inviolate
Apex in abrogation, azimuth bespoken,
Roiling light swarms obliterating

Astride the lunar belt, extinction rages closer,
Unguent, a salve against all light that dies
Moon-scarred and cluster-born, destiny awoken,
A precious glimpse of what must come

Finality, resolute the final epoch,
Parallax, perihelions colliding
Oblate, lenticular, a ward that will not save them
Comes the murder of the stars within its very hands

Even the stars will burn out
Even the suns will burn out

All that is life will scream out
Staring down the spectrum
Of all that shall
Never come to pass


And at the end, as once begun,
Monoliths, sprawling across eternity
Aeons of dust, the spectrum of all
That shall never come to pass


from Death Forever, released January 5, 2016
Words = Tim Nancarrow
Music = Rommell the Foul



all rights reserved


Cadavalanche Newcastle, Australia

Enjoy an odyssey of extreme death grind wrought from Rommell the Foul's twisted being. Torrents of blastbeats, tsunamis of riffs, currents of barking vox and soaring sailing solos whirled into endless all encompassing death.

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