Death Forever

by Cadavalanche

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Recorded, Mixed and Mastered at Emissary Studios

Life is Droll, Death is Forever.


released January 5, 2016

Rommell the Foul - Overfiend
Ryan the Huthnance - Co-Conspirator
Tim the Enchanter - Propaganda
Nic le Nancarrow - Grand Wizardry

Performed by Men, Perfected by Machine.
Dedicated to Rommell the Tank.



all rights reserved


Cadavalanche Newcastle, Australia

Enjoy an odyssey of extreme death grind wrought from Rommell the Foul's twisted being. Torrents of blastbeats, tsunamis of riffs, currents of barking vox and soaring sailing solos whirled into endless all encompassing death.

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Track Name: Nymphored
Sweet blasphemy; The gentle caress of your tongue against my loins.
And how they hunger, they lust for bestial depravity, unsatiated forever.

Machinations, torturous butchery, Belies a feeling of extreme ecstasy.
My masterpiece conjuring thy worship at the feet of the orgy throne.

Negasutra, the exotic, bizarre, taboo. To be burned alive by passion, Bliss.

The dawning sun shines through the windows to the orgy-hall, encrusting fluid and hardening stench.

Amidst the royale, olf of cadaver and fecal punctuate the overwhelming tang of crushed vulva.

I live to fuck and kill again.
I live to fuck and kill.

Endless hunger, boundless thirst, drags invariably back to carnalvoria. Prosperity du vice.

Oh final climax, envelope me, May my seed be strongest of all.
To be re-birthed and live again.

Born to fuck and kill.
Track Name: Ultrambviolent
Sons and daughters past
Cold without the gaze of light
Crank the spite machine
Phials of blight in ultraviolet

Stain with crimson red insides
Future agony
Flaking away the layers of the mind

The end, The message of Mercury beyond
Singing the bad tale
Of the sad, the broken, the one and the all.
All Die.

Unavoidable. Ground to death among the flames.
To live in hope for more, is seeing statues burn and fall in vain.
Unintrinsical. No encore. No return.
Onward ever towards

Denial, Regret, cannibal sunset.
Eat me from the inside
Fuck me dead.
Anger, bartering
Make it feel, less intense
Once more, Once more, Once more
Fuck me dead.

Fill my heart with soil, with shite
Let me sing forever of love for war
Let me feel what its like to die for all.
For life is droll, and Death is forever.

Eat me from the inside
Fuck me dead.
Anti-Coiling, infinitely
In space

But ho, There is only finite mortality
Wasted on spiraling in fruitless torment
Fading piece by piece
Slowly collapse over decades
There is only acceptance
The curtains of void only draw
All Die.
Track Name: Analgesia
Such internal torment, much anguish
Burls of the brain reliving terror after terror.
Such horror recycles itself, but don't release me yet

Torture me
Rend my flesh to the core
Bath me in your glare of salt
Until I beg you in desperate
Hate for more.

Hate – Me – More

To be endless. To be silent. To suffer.
To be finite. To wail. To pray to any god for death.

Incite me, Violate me, Make me so unclean.

The feeling, surmounting, climaxing into abyss.
A twinkle of hope contained in endless void inside my eyes

Rapturous Incision, Spare me your restraint
Super Phallic flagellation, for how long must I resist your taint

Fatally, I cruelly hiss and spit
In Jealously, I twist your body apart
And as I climax I hear you scream

Hurt me more
Track Name: Death is Forever
Malevolence, the wilting twilight cascade,
A fading sun, magma-laden neutron pulse
Reckoning, the dying starlight nebulous
Archaic giants long-since dead and yet beheld

A sunburst sky, frayed and tattered in its death throes
Planet coils, the cries of stellar flares implode
Magellanic has drowned, lapsing squalls and sundered thrones
The Blueshift aggregates while star-flung novas clash

Even the stars will burn out
All that once thrived will soon die

Heliospheric, chondrite violence
Quantum fields invert, no more inviolate
Apex in abrogation, azimuth bespoken,
Roiling light swarms obliterating

Astride the lunar belt, extinction rages closer,
Unguent, a salve against all light that dies
Moon-scarred and cluster-born, destiny awoken,
A precious glimpse of what must come

Finality, resolute the final epoch,
Parallax, perihelions colliding
Oblate, lenticular, a ward that will not save them
Comes the murder of the stars within its very hands

Even the stars will burn out
Even the suns will burn out

All that is life will scream out
Staring down the spectrum
Of all that shall
Never come to pass


And at the end, as once begun,
Monoliths, sprawling across eternity
Aeons of dust, the spectrum of all
That shall never come to pass
Track Name: Angel Lust
I, Sapphire, We burn.

Divine Sex Warriors, flesh of silken steel, Lustrous and buxom
Adorned in exquisite bracts of copulation and desire
To become as Diamond I, die hard for thee.

To err, as I am one with all, human, of fat and bone, as microcline.
Through geometry, perverting physical law. Ab-so-lute,
Transmutation, Transfiguration, Obliteration of the cell
Rearrange me into a god, into an Angel.
Into Emerald.

God, Make, Man, Make, Machine, Which Makes Alchemy.
A Machine, Makes Man - A - God.
From the salt of an ocean of endless tears, I'll be waiting.
Red as Ruby

As I pierce upon the heavens with my erection, Fatal, so it goes, I smiling angel lusting, sacred seducers let me rest and feast upon your bosums and cunt.


Daughters of the Sun, Caress my vessel with your hands as smooth as gem in golden waves of light and vibration. As gabbro I dreamed of you, of alchemy, of geometry, of sex magick, of death.

I, Sapphire, become, as God, as Sun, as Stone, As One.

Diamond as I die hard.
The taste of her heart as she cries.
Emerald Fusion
Red as a Ruby, We burn.